The jungle city Ubud – at Meliana’s house

When I got in contact with Meliana via Couchsurfing she already told me that her place doesn’t have a real address. Which I thought is a bit weird… especially when you have to trust everybody on Couchsurfing that they and their places really exist… but when I got there I understood why: it is in a typical Balinese neighborhood and there are no streets, just small lanes to walk on or to go by motorcycle. We met in front of a nearby café and went through all the small lanes in the dark in the light of her flashlight to get to her house. After the first turns I already couldn’t remember how to get out of there. ^^ Meliana told me we should walk making a lot of noise so that possible snakes around us rather go away instead of attacking us. Since then I always walk very noisy in the nature. ^^

Jungle City Ubud
Jungle City Ubud

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Volunteering at an orphanage in Bali

In Bali I went to a volunteering event at an orphanage. I got to know about the event through Erlangga, who posted it on Couchsurfing. I really wanted to do some volunteering and to get in contact with the local children in Bali. Erlangga is one of the presidents of Leo Club Bali Shanti. It is a part of Lions Club International Bali Surya for social affairs. But Leo Club is for younger people up to 30 years old. Leo Club Bali Shanti is organized by about 20 people in Bali who help out wherever they can. They do an event nearly every 2 weeks for kids, teenagers or elderly – wherever they are needed. Continue reading Volunteering at an orphanage in Bali

The beauty of the past in the present in Bali – Ferdi’s Bali

I met Ferdi for dinner together with my “ex” Alvin one night before I stayed with Ferdi. We talked about the society in Indonesia. Ferdi knows a lot about political issues. He told me that in Indonesia they have a big problem with drug trafficking. Therefore, they introduced the death penalty for drug smuggle in 2004. Since then already 22 people were executed by firing squad due to drug trafficking. Ferdi believes that after the new president was elected, even harder rules are applied concerning drug trafficking.

Me on the stairs in Taman Festival
Me on the stairs in Taman Festival

In order to be part of the election for a new president in Indonesia, women and men are allowed to vote but just with a valid Indonesian ID. An Indonesian passport would not count. That is the reason why a couple of Indonesian citizens would not vote a new president as they literally would not be able to do so. Because to get a valid ID it would cost them too much money and they prefer not to have one and not to vote than to pay that price. Continue reading The beauty of the past in the present in Bali – Ferdi’s Bali

First days in Bali – Anastasia’s Bali

After all the preparation and nervousness before my travel, my journey finally began last Thursday! My friend Anna, who visited me just before I left to the airport, said that this will be the journey of my lifetime… So I decided to give it a name on my own and I chose “WorldLust”. It is a combination of “wanderlust”, which is actually a German word and means the “passion for hiking”. As I don’t want to go just hiking, but to experience the world, I decided on the name “WorldLust” for my travels. ☺ What do you think of the name?

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