About Share Journeys

A bit of research makes a travel experience much more rewarding. Deciding on the places that you want to see, its attractions, restaurants, best neighborhoods to stay, customs, among other details, makes all the difference and makes the trip much more enjoyable. Therefore, we can follow guides, magazines, people who live in the city, but nothing is better than listening to the opinion of another traveler who has already visited the chosen destinations. This is the aim of Share Journeys. To share our experiences, mistakes and successes, to help other travelers organize their trip on their own and thus to travel more and better and still saving money.

Share Journeys was born from the Brazilian blog “Compartilhe Viagens”, created almost 5 years ago, by the Brazilian couple Karla Larissa and Fred Santos. In 2016, the German Juliane Boll joined the blog to create the English version. The trio met in 2013, through Couchsurfing, during one of Julie’s trips to Brazil and since then they have become good friends, having in common, the passion for travel.

Here you will find many posts about Brazil, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Who we are

Karla Larissa and Fred Santos

We are a couple who live and breathe travelling. In 2013, we left everything behind to start our trip around the world (Volta ao Mundo). The following year, we dreamed of becoming digital nomads. In 2015, we hit the road again for another five months, traveling across the American continent. The stories of these two great journeys are captured in the book “Two in the World” (“Dois no Mundo”), published in Portuguese in 2016.

Currently, we visited 37 countries and several Brazilian destinations.
Karla Larissa is a journalist specializing in Social Media and is one of the authors of the blog.

Fred Santos is a systems analyst and responsible for programming, blog support, photography, image and video editing.


Juliane Boll (Julie) was born in Berlin, Germany and never missed an opportunity to travel around the world, getting in touch with foreign people and learning new languages to communicate with the locals. With her 27 years, she has already visited 30 countries and lived in 5 of them for longer (Germany, Canada, Belgium, Spain and Brazil). She is a medical doctor but decided to go and travel the world instead of working in a hospital right now. She will write about her experiences travelling alone.

She is currently taking a sabbatical semester, traveling through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The stories of this trip are being published in the series Worldlust.