Just a few cities are as diverse as Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands, which we often call Holland, is one of the most multicultural in the world and this is mainly due to the immigrants who are nearly the majority in the city. This diversity makes Amsterdam a city that attracts all kind of tourists with different tastes and offers a lot of things.
A trip through the city can be romantic, with a boat trip through its canals (more than 100 km of canals, some of them are from the 17th century and are UNESCO World Heritage), you can walk or bike along its bridges (in total 1,500); Amsterdam is the city with the largest number of museums per square meter in the world (the most famous are Rijks Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House, but there are museums for everything like sex, torture, houseboat museums, among many others); and of course lots of fun, there are bars and nightclubs in the city (some of the world’s most famous DJs are from Amsterdam). And even better, you can do a bit of all of this, which is what we did. In this post, I suggest a 3-day city tour with the main attractions, which is the minimum stay to get to know the main parts of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, view of the canal boat ride
Amsterdam, view of the canal boat ride

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Written in portuguese by Karla Larissa

Translation by Juliane Boll

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Amsterdã: Roteiro para 3 dias