Santiago de Chile is our readers favorite city. Finally, we had the time to find out the reasons why. The Chilean capital was our starting point for our 20-day tour around Chile. We agreed with everything we had heard about this city. Right from the beginning already out of the plane Santiago is breathtaking when you can see the beautiful mountains of the Andes which warmly welcome the visitors. Santiago is exciting for every tourist: it is a beautiful city, modern, organized, safe and full of attractions. Also in its surroundings, there are famous Chilean tourist destinations, which you can visit as a day-trip. We did a 6-day-itinerary in Santiago and its surrounding areas, which I am sharing with you here. But the suggestions are also helpful for those who have less time, for example just 4 days.

Andes Mountain tops, during arrival in Santiago
Andes Mountain tops, during arrival in Santiago

The truth is that Santiago was a fascinating destination for us. In the sense that every time we planned to go there (since our honeymoon 7 years ago), it didn’t work out in the end. But finally, everything went well and it was worth insisting on getting to know the city, which became one of my favorites in South America (if it wouldn’t be that cold, I would live there easily!).

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* This article was originally written in Portuguese by Karla Larissa. Translation by Juliane Boll.

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Dicas práticas e roteiro de 4 a 6 dias em Santiago do Chile