United States
New York for the First Time: Tips to save money
United States
New York for the first time: itinerary for 4 to 7 days
Cuba for the first time: 11 things you should know before departing on your trip
Buggy ride in Jericoacoara, Ceará: Lagoas do Paraíso e Azul (lagoons of Paradise and Blue), Praia do Preá (Beach), Árvore da Preguiça (Sloth Tree) and Pedra Furada (Perforated Stone)
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We live and breathe travelling. In 2013, Karla Larissa and Fred Santos left everything behind to start a trip around the world. The following year, we dreamed of becoming digital nomads. In 2015, we hit the road again for another five months, traveling across the American continent. Now, we expanded our team with our friend Juliane Boll (Julie) who was born in Berlin, Germany and never missed an opportunity to travel around the world, getting in touch with foreign people and learning new languages to communicate with the locals. With her 27 years, she has already visited 30 countries and lived in 5 of them for longer.


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